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     The site at Pensarn Nr Amlwch houses our UHF voice repeater GB3AN. In service since 1987 and operational on 434.800/433.200 the normal split. Also at this site is GB3TM our first TV repeater and a first for Wales. The equipment for both repeaters is recent and currently working efficiently.

There is a change in the operation of both repeaters, we were all used to accessing the repeaters and they in turn would reply with courtesy tones to acknowledge that access was successful. This is no longer the case, GB3AR and GB3AN only transmit whilst they hear and recognise a valid input signal, so no pip tones. Unless someone answers you or you’re able to listen to the repeater while transmitting, you would not know that the repeater has recognised your transmission! Please bare this in mind when testing. I mentioned valid and recognised your input transmission. Both repeaters require a CTCSS tone of 110.9 Hz.

Both repeaters run at 20w ERP, again an improvement of about 3dB over the old system.

This is that for the first time in over 40 year history of our group that we have purchased commercial equipment rather than home brew as in the past.

The full specification for the repeaters at this site can be found on the on the Frequency List and locations on Map Page.

In memory of our friend and associate David GW8PBX

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