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This web site will be closing in 2020.?

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     The Arfon Repeater Group has been serving Radio Amateur Repeater  needs in North West Wales for 40 years 1978 - 2018/9, giving a modern and efficient network to local and visiting Radio Amateurs.
    The Group is administered by a committee elected annually at A G M..  Membership annual subscription of only 10.00 (payable in June) is essential in order to maintain the services provided, subscription covers the basic costs (insurance, site rental, electricity, etc.) but all the work done is done by a dedicated band of volunteers. If you are not currently subscribed, please consider joining.
    For those who need to understand the ins and outs of Amateur Radio Repeaters, the distance UHF/VHF transmissions can travel is governed by many factors but the detrimental effect of terrain and distance is enhanced by the use of repeaters which are radio relay systems that receive and then retransmit signals. Initially and primarily for mobile use GB3AR was one of the first repeaters to be granted its license for mobile and fixed stations because of the nature of the terrain in N W Wales. In these technical times repeaters today provide more than voice transmissions, Amateur TV and digital / internet modes are also provided.
   The Amateur Repeater Network in the U.K. operates mainly on the 2mtr / 70cms bands these are centred at 145.0/433.0 MHz. The network is not linked but the various Repeaters cover the whole country.  Repeaters allow operators to keep in contact when the terrain normally would not allow, this is especially true for mobile operations. Repeaters are sited in many diverse sites and are usually in remote locations, at height, in order to have maximum coverage which in favourable conditions can be in excess of 100 miles. For accsess details follow link

See the link pages for further information.

    All the U.K. repeaters are run by volunteers and paid for by group membership as a service to Radio Amateurs, they have NO other funding.





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@    Arfon Repeater Group 2006   - Please note:- NO Guarantee of service is implied or given - remember this is an amateur service.